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                  At Om Engineers we don't divide course in number of hours, new topic is not started unless or until each student is confident of previous one. We have a team of dedicated professionals who can train you practically.

               Ours is the only training center in India where we provide training in CAD CAM & CNC technologies in front of 4-axis CNC vertical machining center (VMC) and turning center.

              We train people using latest technologies in machines and software, designing models and NC codes to run the CNC machines using softwares like Unigraphics etc.

               We are no.1 in industrial training in CAD CAM related field in Mumbai India. Over a period of time we have organized our setup to run parallely with institute which gives maximum practical experience to it's students.

For any main stream software, our syllabus includes.

  • Creating 2D objects.
  • Creating and orienting sketches.
  • Understanding constrains.
  • Inserting design features like EXTRUDE & REVOLVE etc.
  • Using detailed features like EDGE BLEND & DRAFT etc.
  • Creating Identical instances.
  • Creating surface.
  • Creating complex shape with SWEEP & MESH.

  • Creating sheets in 1st and 3rd angle
  • Inserting Isometric and Orthographic views of model
  • Creating Projected & Detailed view
  • Creating sectional view
  • Dimensioning & labeling drawing and inserting symbols
  • Preparing Bill of Material (BOM)

  • Understanding the concept of assembly
  • Inserting multiple component.
  • Creating master and sub-assembly.
  • Defining mating condition between parts.
  • Creating array and mirror assembly.
  • Checking collision between components.

MOULD WIZARD                         
  • Parting line extraction.
  • Generation of parting surface.
  • Core cavity extraction.
  • Mould assembly.


SHAPE STUDIO                              
  • Assigning material and inserting light to model.
  • Putting special effects and rendering.
  • creating realistic image.
  • Creating animation & exporting it as mpg video for general viewing.

  • Orienting machine coordinate system.
  • Setting up job.
  • General machining concept.
  • Creating different types of tools.
  • Making 2D toolpath.
  • Creating 3D surface toolpath.
  • Toolpath verification.
  • Generation of NC codes.
  • Transfering the codes to machine.



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